Quinnipiac Poll: Biden Hits Rock Bottom


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Nearly every week a new poll seems to show more Americans have jumped off the Biden bandwagon. The latest from Quinnipiac is no exception. While the survey covered a slew of topics, the first question measured President Joe Biden’s overall performance. Just 33% of respondents thought he was doing a good job, compared to 53% who did not. As usual, most Democrats went to bat for their president while most Republicans did not. Where Biden took a significant hit was with Independents, of whom a mere 25% showed their support. While the decrease alone is bad enough, the real problem for the president – and his party – is the fact this follows a long line of plummeting poll numbers over his first year in office.

Poll Portends Bad News for Democrats

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American opinions on Congress were also quite instructive given the upcoming midterm elections in November. The poll showed 43% of participants favor Republicans retaking the House in November while 42% prefer the Democrats. When it comes to the Senate, 45% support the GOP while 41% back Democrats.

Another question asked respondents if they believe Biden “is doing a better job as president than you expected, a worse job, or about what you expected?” A paltry 7% indicated the president is exceeding expectations, while 39% said he was doing worse than anticipated. About 50% said Biden is performing as they had predicted.

When it comes to the White House’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, about 39% approved while 55% disapproved. This is a considerable dip from last year. Early in 2021, he was getting high marks for his approach to dealing with the coronavirus, but with the arrival of the Delta and Omicron variants, folks aren’t as enthused over the president’s performance. Biden did not fare well on a question about how he is handling the economy, either. A little over a third (34%) of participants approved of Biden’s economic policy, while 57% disapproved.

The president did a little better when respondents were asked whether he had failed to unite the country as he promised on the 2020 campaign trail. About 42% of respondents believe he is uniting the country, but 49% felt he was doing more to divide. This includes 50% of Independents. Lastly, the survey asked participants if they “expect political divisions in the country to ease, to worsen, or to remain about the same?” The results were disturbing but none too shocking. Quinnipiac found that 15% believe divisions will “ease” while 28% indicated they would stay the same. A solid 53% predicted the country would become even more divided.

What’s the Deal?

This particular Quinnipiac poll paints a rather fascinating portrait of America’s current political landscape and offers a glimpse into how things might shape up in the upcoming midterm elections. President Biden’s bleak approval ratings are not unexpected given his team’s inability to resolve the multitude of problems facing the U.S. at the moment.

The section of the poll that would likely raise a few quizzical eyebrows would be the part asking which party Americans favored in Congress. While it might be expected that most would favor Republicans retaking both chambers, one would think the spread to be far wider than the survey suggests. At first glance, it might appear the Democrats could have a fighting chance at retaining dominance over the legislative branch.

The fact that a sizeable chunk of respondents said Biden is not measuring up to their expectations is also a factor that could hurt Democrats in general. There is a reason Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams conveniently had a “scheduling conflict” when President Biden gave his “let’s jettison the filibuster” speech, isn’t there?

It is also worth noting that America’s political environment appears to be growing even more toxic. The fact that most seem to believe it will continue to become more vitriolic should be a cause for concern for people on both sides of the political divide. While Biden is certainly doing more to divide than unite, the blame does not lie only with him. High-profile politicians, media figures, and influencers from all political persuasions are contributing significantly to the problem, and it does not appear they will stop anytime soon.

If history and current signs are any indication, the GOP will likely regain control of the House and the Senate during the 2022 midterms. The results of the poll show a promising future for the party and a much less pleasant fate for Democrats.

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