WATCH – Climate Change Activists Blockade Joe Manchin’s Car


A group of leftist climate change activists blockaded moderate Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) car on Wednesday and boasted about it on social media.

In a video posted to Twitter, activists associated with the group Sunrise Movement harassed Manchin at the yacht club in D.C. where his houseboat (not a luxurious yacht, as the group claimed) is docked.

“Joe Manchin has been holding our futures hostage for fossil fuel bribes, so we went to his yacht,” the group said in the video.

Confronting Manchin in the yacht club’s parking structure, activists were seen swarming the senator’s car, screaming at him through the window as he attempted to maneuver away.

“Joe Manchin, is it worth it? Is the money worth it?” one male protester yelled at Manchin through his car window. “Is the money that important, Joe Manchin? Is it more important than my life, Joe Manchin? Is it more important than your kid’s life? Can you look me in my eyes as I talk to you? Do you only talk to millionaires?”

The group later referred to the senator as “Maserati Manchin” in a tweet sharing the video in which they linked to the site

Later, the group claimed in a TikTok video that Joe Manchin tried to run the protesters over with his car.

“We blockaded Joe Manchin’s car and he tried to run us over,” the group said.

Political advisor and self-described DNC member Thomas Kennedy referred to Manchin as an “awful, selfish, greedy man” who drove his car into protesters.

“Watch Joe Manchin drive his car into protestors who are demanding that he stop blocking climate provisions in the Build Back Better package on behalf of fossil fuel and other corporate interests. What an awful, selfish, greedy man,” said Kennedy.

Another video tweeted by Hunger Strike 4 Climate Justice showed security pushing protesters out of Manchin’s way for him to drive away.

“Is the money worth selling our futures downriver? Is the money that green? Is it that good for you? How’d that Maserati feel while you drove into us this morning? #WeWantToLive” the group tweeted.

The group reported no injuries from the protest, which occurred on Thursday morning.

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