Biden Promises Transparency, After He Cleans Up His Border Mess

Photo courtesy @Twitter

Brittany James | Civil Patriot

The U.S./Mexico border issue has reached crisis status. Every day, we hear about more horrific problems. Border Patrol is overrun and overwhelmed. Illegals are infected with COVID-19, and children are packed into plastic containers with barely any room to breathe.

People are being stored in the Dallas Convention Center, the San Diego Convention Center, Midland, and two Texas military bases. Plus there are more!

Yet with all these issues, the media has been denied access. They are not allowed in to cover any of the terrible stories on what is happening at the border.

Both the Obama and Trump administrations allowed media into immigration facilities. The Biden administration, however, needs to cover up their crisis and is therefore refusing to let the media enter. What is their reason for denying the media into the facilities? Because reporters might have COVID-19. 

Yet Senator Ted Cruz and a group of senators are visiting the facilities this week. Reporters wanted to go with the group, but were denied. Apparently, senators are more resilient and can't get COVID-19 like reporters can and thus may enter.

During Thursday’s press conference, a reporter pressed Biden for answers as to why there is a media blackout at the border. 

Reporter:  “Given the conditions at the migrant facilities at the US border, will you commit to allowing journalists to have access to the facilities that are overcrowded moving forward?”

Biden:  “I will commit when my plan, very shortly, is under way; to let you have access to not just them, but to other facilities as well.”

Reporter:  “We’ve obviously been able to be inside one, but we haven’t seen the facilities in which children are packed together to really give the American people a chance to see that. Will you commit to transparency on this issue?”

Biden: “I will commit to transparency and as soon as I’m in a position to implement what we’re doing right now…This is being set up and you’ll have full access to everything once we get this thing moving.”

Reporter: “Just to be clear, how soon will that be, Mr. President?”

Biden: “I don’t know. To be clear.”

What horrible, unacceptable non-answers.

The President will allow the media to access and cover what is going on at the border, but they have to wait until he starts cleaning up his gigantic mess.

When later pressed about whether he rolled back Trump’s policy too quickly and thus created the crisis, he denied that this has caused the surge. Biden was adamant that the previous policy was terrible and was causing problems that needed to be addressed immediately.

And yet, the number of illegal immigrants at our southern border is the highest it has been in decades.

Biden said that one of the values he ran on was “To restore the soul, dignity, honor, honesty, transparency to the American political system.”

Where is this so-called transparency? Transparency doesn’t count if you only let people see things that make you look good. 



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