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I’ve prided myself on watching just about every election irregularities hearing over the past several weeks. 

  • Pennsylvania. Check. 
  • Arizona. Check. 
  • Georgia. Check. 
  • Michigan. Check.
  • Nevada. Check. 
  • Wisconsin. Check. 

If I could sum up all of these hearings in a few brief words it would look like this:

  • Experts: Here’s our proof that a zillion dead people voted. 
  • Them: We see nothing. 
  • Experts: Here’s proof that the machines were active on the Internet, something that should never have happened. 
  • Them: We see nothing. 
  • Experts: All of our statisticians (who’ve risked their reputations to testify) have spent countless hours proving statistical anomalies and a wide range of fraudulent activities. 
  • Them: We see nothing.

    Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. In many of these states there are representatives who do see. But look what they’re up against. Check out the following Mainstream Media headlines related to these hearings and fraud charges in general:

Senate hearing elevates baseless claims of election fraud

Surveillance tape breeds false fraud claims in Georgia

Georgia Republican election official says Trump’s false voter fraud claims undermine democracy

No bias here, folks. Nothing to see.

Today I happened upon a live-stream of the Georgia Senate Subcommittee Hearing (part two). As always, I found the testimonies of the various participants compelling, along with the evidence they submitted. Surely someone would see the truth this time. . .right?

I was pleased to hear a balanced and thoughtful summary from Senator William Ligon (District 3) as the hearing concluded: 

“How do you give a proper analogy of this? And I think, what if I walked into my bank and I saw money being treated the way these ballots are being treated? And I went to a teller and I said, “I’d like to see what’s in my account” and he said, “Well, we’re not going to show you your transactions and if you ask me again I’ll call the Sheriff and have you removed.” You know, I would immediately go to the president and demand that they give me my money because I would want to take it somewhere else where I’d know they were going to take care of it and treat it properly. 

“Then I thought about that more and I thought, “You know, we’re talking about something that people see, really, as more important than money. Because a vote determines the type of country or state that you live in. How you will live. Your future. In a sense, it embodies all of the God-given rights and liberties that our forefathers enshrined in our founding documents. And people know that and understand that. And I believe that we’re seeing that people want to see that right jealously guarded, vigorously defended, and when there’s an offense to it, they want to see it aggressively prosecuted and they want it corrected and they want it set right. 

“In my opinion, I believe that we should come together as a body to meet and to look into these things and to consider what should be done for this past election, what should be done for the future elections. In that regard, it is my hope that going forward, that some of the things that we’ve uncovered and the recommendations that have been presented in our report will be considered by the next legislature which meets, and that serious steps will be taken to ensure that we never find ourselves in a position like this again. And that we have a system of voting for our elections that we’re proud of, that we have confidence in, and then we can all. . .we can vote and we can be satisfied that the results of that election do in fact reflect the will of the people and then we can move on and just enjoy the tremendous gift that we have in this country.”

Kudos, Senator. You’ve almost restored my faith in elected officials. 




  1. Almost is almost right. I will not have faith in our elections unless this election is thrown out and redone fairly, it is wrong that this election should stand at all. It was clearly stolen and NO ONE not even the republicans in congress and the senate are standing up and fighting. Why? I believe they are backing down because they don’t like that our President Donald J. Trump is not a career politician and has done more for this country than any of them. I believe they are all in the swamp and want to continue screwing with the people of this nation to line their own pockets, and they have investments in China and other countries that they want to continue. The rich politicians of this country are crooked and they love the power over we the people and do not want to lose it at any cost, and President Trump could not be bought and so they intend to make sure he loses so they can continue their own interests even at the cost of bringing this country to ruins. I do believe there are a handful of honest politicians and that might be an exaggeration but none the less, this country is going down at record speeds if this injustice is not corrected and this election process allows the injustice of the steal and ousting our President-the President of the people to be defeated by Beijing Biden and socialist Harris and their socialist minions who only have their best interest at heart not the people. The left has fought President Trump for 4 years and done their best to destroy him along with this country and lied cheated and stole to bring him down and nothing has even been done in his defence they have accused President Trump of doing exactly what they have been doing and not been able to prove it because he did not do it, yet we have proof of them doing it and nothing is done, there is clear prejudice and evil surrounding them and Republicans alike. This country is about to fall and fall hard and all of those who have done this will continue to lie, cheat and steal until they too fall from their evil doings. Unfortunately all of us will fall right along side of them. I really am sick of it and feel bad for this country that has followed these evil and deceitful politicians who are bought off by the highest bidders like big tech and the likes of Soros and other countries who wish to destroy us. They have walked right into their plan eyes wide open and have not even blinked, but they will. God will destroy this country and rightly so! No need to try to wake these people up they are too busy listening and following like sheep right off the cliff.

  2. All of the voter fraud that is evidence that it did happen will not make a bit of difference to the corrupt Democrats in Congress or corrupt judges or corrupt senators including the Supreme Court . These thugs are from the Swamp and they are Above the Law!


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