Hunter Biden–The Gun Story Keeps Growing

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Hunter Biden lied on his 2018 gun application. Let’s just get that part over with first. 

He lied. . .and acquired the gun as a result of the lie. 

The feds call what he did “lie and try.” Folks who “lie and try” hope they won’t be found out, but when you’re the son of the President people are bound to find out, especially if your long history of drug abuse is well-known. 

Biden’s twisted gun tale picks up in 2018 when he was dating his former sister-in-law, Hallie. At that time, she took his (illegally acquired) gun and tossed it into a trash can out of concerns that he was going to use it to take his own life. She chose a trash can across from a high school. 

If only we had the time to stop and break down that paragraph. 

She returned later to get the gun, only to discover that it was gone. 

Police in Delaware launched an investigation and the Secret Service got involved. They were concerned the gun might’ve been used in a crime since it was dumped so close to a school. 

They approached the owner of the store where the gun was purchased and asked to see the paperwork related to the sale, but the owner refused. He believed they would attempt to hide Hunter’s ownership of the gun. In the end, he handed over the paperwork to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. 

Days later the gun was returned by an older man who’d been rummaging through the grocery store’s trash to gather recyclables. No charges or arrests were made. 

The whole story is odd. . .every detail. But what stands out is the fact that he lied to get the gun in the first place but was never charged for his crime. Under federal law, drug users can’t buy guns. This law exists so that lethal weapons don’t fall into the hands of folks who are unstable or dangerous. 

The purchase of this gun occurred after Hunter’s administrative discharge from the Naval Reserves for a positive cocaine test. But he clearly hid his drug use when he bought that weapon in 2018. 

According to Politico: 

Hunter responded “no” to a question on the transaction record that asks, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Five years earlier, he had been discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine, and he and family members have spoken about his history of drug use. 

And you can see where the story went from there—the drug use led to what the girlfriend believed to be concerns about suicide, which led to a dumped gun, which led to an investigation by the police and Secret Service. Stranger still, the Secret Service has no record of the investigation. 

According to the NY Post: 

Much else is curious about this latest Biden misadventure. Why, for example, did the Secret Service’s office in Wilmington, Del., reportedly get involved? Yes, that would be the same agency that was then providing protection for former Vice President Joe Biden as he was planning his 2020 presidential bid.

Odd timing, indeed. 

Some believe that Hunter is being singled out by the press because his father is the President. After all, they argue, most of the “lie and try” folks aren’t ever prosecuted. But, in Hunter’s case, he didn’t just lie and try. He actually got the gun. And it was disposed of in a reckless fashion. Near kids. Across from a school. 

The words “reckless” and “gun” should never be used in the same sentence. That’s my opinion, anyway. But I doubt much will come of this story. Little comes of any of Hunter’s stories, no matter how bad they look. That, too, is the result of being the son of the President, I dare say. 

I can’t help but wonder how the press would respond if this story involved one of Trump’s sons—say, Don Jr. 

Apparently, he’s thinking about that, too. He posted this on Twitter on March 27th:
His post contained a link to a Rumble video dealing with that topic, which you will find below. It’s hard not to see the irony, isn’t it?


  1. Typical of these lying Biden’s. If they were conservatives or Trumps they’d all be in jail where they belong. It’s amazing and disturbing the amount of corruption.


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