Josh Hawley Pulls His Finger from the Dam

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

When I read the news that Senator Josh Hawley has decided to object to Biden’s electoral votes in the Senate on January 6th, I felt like shouting. You often wonder which kid will be the first to stand up to the bullies on behalf of his team. In this case, it’s a lone senator from Missouri. 

Here’s Josh’s statement:

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I can’t help but think of that story about the little boy who put his finger into the hole in the dam to keep it from breaking. In this analogy, Josh is the one releasing the pressure by pulling his finger from the hole. And when he does. . .watch out!

I predict this will start a flood of other senators who follow suit. I hope so, anyway. For each senator who objects, lawmakers will be forced (in both the House and Senate) to slow the process and reexamine the issues that brought us here. Debate will take place. No doubt, hotly contested debate. . .which is always good when half the country hasn’t had an opportunity to present their side of the story. 

Will it change the outcome of the election? Depends on who you ask. Many would argue that Trump still stands a chance, particularly if Mike Pence gets involved. Biden’s team would argue the opposite. This (vote) is merely a formality,” Jen Psaki, Biden’s pick for White House press secretary, shared with reporters. “It certainly should be treated as such by people who are covering it. And regardless of whatever antics anyone is up to on Jan. 6, President-elect Biden will be sworn in on the 20th.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I do wonder if Republicans will rally behind Josh or stand back and let him suffer the fall-out caused by this decision. And yes, there’s bound to be fall-out. For one thing, Mitch McConnell will never let him forget it. And Biden supporters have now labeled him for good. 

Beyond all of that, however, there are the Trump supporters. 

Like you. 

Like me. 

In a way, it’s like we’re standing up for Trump when Josh makes that objection. We’re pulling the proverbial finger from the dam and praying there’s an avalanche of support that pushes our guy down-river, straight into the Oval Office for four more years. 

But even if there’s not, we’ll never forget the bravery of the few—in the house and now the senate—who were willing to risk their jobs, their reputations, and (no doubt) their Twitter accounts to do the right thing. 

It is right, you know. It’s not easy to take a stand when the whole world stands against you. . .but it’s always right. 



  1. I am more than disappointed about the dishonesty of the presidential election, and how the rules were changed and the true regulations were so blatantly disregarded by the actions of the DUMBOCRABS! There are at least 30 former presidents spinning in their proverbial graves! Biden is not only an illegal president-elect, but a NON-ELECTED president, and does not deserve to sit in the “OUTHOUSE of the WHITE-HOUSE”!!! He has been “DUPED” by the DUMBOCRAB party, and will be removed for his “inability to continue in the office” within 3-5 months!! If he has any scruples at all, he will refuse to take the vow and save America a huge embarrassment!!!

  2. This has proven beyond a doubt,with the exception of a very few ,our government has been taken over by total orchestrated corruption. They are making up rules as they go and damn our constitution. The Clinton / Barry the Kenyan regimes have put in place a destructive system of corruption and the black stabbing pathetic republicans lack the fortitude and desire to put personal interests aside and work towards the greater good of the country. Kudos to Mr.Hawley !!!!!!!

  3. I do respect Senator Hawley for his willingness to stand for a free and fair election. I certainly hope this is successful. I remember trying to live under that lying party four years ago and it was disgusting.

  4. Josh Hawley: My man you are from the correct state – SHOW ME. The world is playing with fire and have no idea what is in store for them – nor do they care. The Lord is watching over you Josh and we all win!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  5. Oh man would I love being in the Senate right now. I would most certainly object to the certification and I would put that corrupt McConnell in his place. He and the rest of the senators aren’t the ones who would have put me in the senate in the first place.

  6. No only does President Donald J. Trump have more than half of all American supporting him and the American peoples rights, look at all the demonstrations going all around the world. President Donald J. Trump received 10s of million votes over China Joe.
    We the people will not forget or forgive, the dems will push us over the hill and on the way down they will be run over.


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