The Big Lie

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Politics would be a lot more fun if the liars really grew long noses like Pinocchio. It would be much easier to tell the good guys from the bad guys if their noses gave them away. As things stand right now, it’s getting pretty tough to tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. And that, my friends, is problematic. 

My parents raised me to be honest. My daddy had a saying, “You call a spade a spade.” You don’t look at one thing and call it something else. 

That’s one reason the 2020 election cycle is still troubling so many of us. We looked at it, saw it for what it was, and were promptly instructed to call it something else. 

Democrats, Big Tech, the media, and the Biden Administration put their heads together and perpetrated a tale that contradicted what we saw with our own eyes. 

We saw it in Arizona.
We saw it in Georgia.
We saw it in Pennsylvania.
We saw it in Michigan.
We saw it in Wisconsin. 

We saw it over and over and over again—in story after story from state after state. 

And yet. . .

We were told by those in power that what we saw wasn’t really what we saw. We were instructed not to trust our instincts, but, rather, to believe what we were told, even if it contradicted common sense or what we witnessed in actual videos and first-hand accounts from people who were there when fraud took place. 

And so, many did. They believed the lie. They shrugged and said, “Oh well. Better luck next time” and then went on their merry way, convinced it made more sense to remain quiet. 

“Call a spade a spade.” 

My dad’s words are still echoing in my ears. Not once did he ever say, “Annie, if you really want to be successful in life, ignore your gut and go with what the politicians tell you.” I’m pretty sure he would roll over in his grave if he even read those words. 

I can’t believe The Big Lie. I tried. I really did. But no matter how many ways I examine the evidence, my gut still says this election was stolen. And because it was (in my opinion) stolen, I’m still feeling very unsettled about it all.  Nothing that has happened since November 3rd feels real or right to me. And I keep waiting for their noses to grow so I can prove it. 

In an interesting twist, Big Tech and Big Media are calling our fraud claims “the big lie.” I dare you to type in the words “the big lie” and “election fraud” in your search engine at the same time. You’ll get post after post about how conspiracy theorists pushed an election fraud lie in an attempt to steal the election from Biden. 

Do you see how twisted these folks are? If we believe what we see, we’re called liars. (This, my friends, is how the narcissists excel—they take their own abusive actions and flip the script to make the story look like it’s the other way around.) 

Not that we can say any of that on social media platforms. Because of the power Big Tech wields, we’ve got to be very, very careful who we share our opinions with. We’ll get booted from all of the major platforms if we so much as mention the words “voter fraud.” 

(Hey, side note: Remember the good old days when you could offer more than one opinion on a matter and folks didn’t shut you down or call you a liar?) 

There’s only one way to move forward, friends. It starts by calling that spade (fraud) a spade. Then we have to work double-time to clean up the election system. 

We can’t let Democrats take the country any deeper into their mail-in voting schemes and we can’t allow them to sell the narrative that asking for an ID when you vote is somehow discriminatory. We’ve got to make sure the only people voting are those who are actual citizens of this country and we’ve got to guarantee that poll watchers are allowed to watch the process from a reasonable distance. 

And yes, we have to speak the truth as we see it, even if doing so means we’re labeled theorists. None of that matters.  We can no longer afford the luxury of believing a lie. 



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