9 Things I Wish I’d Learned in my High School Government Class

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriots

I was one of those weird kids who always loved school. I know. My favorite class was my 11th grade government class. Our teacher, Mr. Atkinson, was a solid teacher who didn’t come across as biased. I learned a lot from him. 

That said, either he left a few things out when he was teaching, or our country has taken some major shifts since then! I’ve often wondered how Mr. Atkinson would respond to the current political climate. 

Here are NINE things I didn’t learn in Mr. Atkinson’s government class, things I wish I’d known before President Trump took his place in the Oval Office:  

  1. Freedom is costly. I always thought that our founding fathers paid for our freedoms with their very lives and that their sacrifice was enough to keep the gift of freedom going throughout my generation. Boy, was I wrong. Modern-day Patriots are losing their freedoms right and left and we are paying in some unfair and unimaginable ways. Still, I won’t give up. I’ll keep standing, no matter how difficult. 
  2. Warriors aren’t always dressed in battle gear. They’re not all in tanks, rolling across the desert. I have a deep appreciation for the men and women in the armed forces. I see them as mighty heroes, Freedom Fighters. But I’m learning that there are other Freedom Fighters and they’re dressed in everyday clothes. They battle from their computers, classroom podiums, voting booths, and even their pulpits. They stand against the narrative of the Left and they stand up for the truth, even in the midst of the battle. 
  3. There is a Deep State and it’s unimaginably deep. I’m pretty sure Mr. Atkinson never mentioned the Deep State. Maybe he didn’t know about it, or maybe people didn’t talk about such things back then. I wish I’d known that there are puppeteers and that they insist we become their obedient puppets. If I had realized this years ago, I would’ve fought harder to cut the strings and set myself free. I know now, though, and I’m battling for my children and their children so that they can live in complete and total freedom.  
  4. Gaslighting is a useful tool against your enemies and some folks are more skilled at it than others. What’s gaslighting, you ask? According to politicaldictionary.com, Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group. It makes them question their own memory, perception and sanity.” Folks on the Left have become masters in the art of gaslighting. They’re Ninjas, in fact. Somehow—I still haven’t figure out just how—they make those of us on the Right feel guilty for the very things they are doing. Talk about twisted! Gaslighting makes me doubt just about anything the Left says.  
  5. Our representatives don’t always represent us. Boy, did this one cause some confusion on my part! I always had the misguided belief that the men and women I voted for would actually represent me once they arrived in D.C. I’ve learned, especially during the Trump years, that these folks are often bought and paid for by their contributors and they don’t give a lot of thought to what I think or believe. 
  6. News reporters don’t always tell the truth. From the time I entered Mr. Atkinson’s government class, I was led to believe I could trust the stories on the evening news. Walter Cronkite was a fixture in our home. My pop adored him. So did my mother. And my grandparents. Every word from the man’s mouth was golden. His words were nothing but truth. If there was a slant, we didn’t pick up on it. Imagine my shock to discover the news organizations are now all owned by the same six companies. And talk about slanting their stories. If I had known that 92% of the media coverage of Donald Trump was going to be negative (or based off of lies like the Russia hoax), I would’ve changed stations years ago. 
  1. Speaking of the Russia hoax: I wish I’d known that my government might turn on its citizens and accuse them falsely. It turns my stomach to discover this truth. I thought we could trust them. I was wrong. 
  2. “Caring for the poor” can become a manipulation tool when placed in the wrong hands. Look, I still believe that caring for those who are struggling is a good thing, but my thinking has changed a lot, now that I see the Left’s approach. From what I can gather, they want me to work harder, pay more, and sacrifice tirelessly so that others can work less, pay nothing, and sacrifice little. Does that make any sense at all? I pay my taxes and I know that many wonderful people benefit from my generosity, but if the Democrats keep reaching into my bank account to provide for others, I’ll end up being the one in need. Maybe that’s their goal, to increase my dependency on them. Who knows. 
  3. Finally, I wish I’d realized that there will always be those who stand in the gap. No matter what Democrats and would-be Socialists throw our way, there will always be solid conservatives who stand tall, who refuse to give up, and who answer freedom’s call, no matter the cost. I am happy to count myself among them. 

“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please,
but as the opportunity to do what is right.”
– Peter Marshall



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